Savor The Eclectic Heirloom Tomato

Welcome to TomatoCulture – where life is too short for ordinary tomatoes.

This whole adventure, that I call TomatoCulture LLC, has been playing itself out in my mind since my early days in the Philadelphia suburbs. I started pondering the business concept when two dear friends, over for Sunday morning brunch in the fall of 1998, innocently devoured ALL of the Brandywine tomatoes I had produced from a tiny garden plot on the side of our house. They remained momentarily stunned, in a flash of spiritual insight, on just how delicious the tomatoes were. Unfortunately the sublime Brandywine is notoriously low yielding so I could not then give them more of what they craved.

In another instance, last summer, a young woman came to my booth at the farmer’s market seeking to recreate a near transcendent taste experience she once had at a California grower’s market after sampling one incredible, sadly unrecalled, tomato variety. There are many similar anecdotes, told to me through the years, that illustrate the passion people have for a really good tomato.

If you can relate to that passion, you’ve come to the right place. At TomatoCulture, we strive to bring our customers the best tasting tomatoes they have ever eaten, whether fresh, dried, preserved or fashioned into delicious products. Sampling our tomatoes is a learning experience and a vivid, pleasing discovery of colors, flavors, aromas, and textures.

Heirloom tomatoes fuel our passion and dedication; but they also symbolize a more authentic, soulful way to live our lives. They provide a conduit to all the things we care deeply about as a company: challenging the status quo; delivering joy, meaning and satisfaction to others; slowing down to enjoy life’s simple pleasures; fostering a healthy relationship with food; working the earth sustainably; connecting to and appreciating history and the cycles of time.

More and more people these days desire to eat healthy food and, more importantly, to know the origin of that food. TomatoCulture addresses these needs through what we call the Seven Tenets of Sustainable Production:

  1. Obey Your Sense of Place
  2. Nourish The Soil
  3. Strike A Balance
  4. Manage Water Wisely
  5. Encourage Diversity
  6. Practice Prevention
  7. Share The Utility You Create

By adhering to these principals, which draw from the concepts of permaculture and organic farming, we are working towards building a sustainable, self-maintained agricultural system, spanning field to plate, that happens to produce the best-tasting tomatoes you’ve ever tried. In the process, we hope to inform and inspire people to make choices that promote a healthy earth and healthy humans.

We invite you to visit our blog to learn more about our growing methods and production process as well as tips and tricks for growing your own great tomatoes. You won’t find the ordinary here. Our posts delve into the nitty gritty details behind not just tomatoes, but also complexities behind sustainable farming and the connections between alternative agriculture, scalability, local food and profitability.

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